Nutrena Horse Feeds


Triumph horse feeds offer quality ingredients and added nutrients to support healthy digestion and performance. Available regionally in pelleted or texturized versions.

Triumph 14% Sweet Horse Feed

Formulated to give your horse the nutrition it requires under a broad range of conditions

Stock and Stable

Stock and Stable Horse & Livestock Feeds provide a convenient, value-priced feed option that works across a range of species. Available in textured and pelleted forms, with a variety of protein levels, they provide quality nutrition for your entire farm. 

 Stock and Stable 12% Sweet Multi-Species Feed

A convenient, value-priced 12% sweet feed for use with horses and other livestock
nutrena stock and stable One feed for Every Life Stage


Our new Fibregized Omega and Ultra formulations combine proven Pennfield feed quality with Nutrena feed expertise.

Pennfield Fibregized Omega Horse Feed

A unique formula perfectly suited to maintaining healthy weight and improving overall bloom and appearance 


When you’re in it to win it, you want every advantage possible. That’s why we developed ProForce, a complete line of premium horse feeds designed to give you professional-level results. 

ProForce Fuel Horse Feed

High fat, controlled starch feed for equine athletes and hard-keepers

Maintenance Horses

ProForce XTN Horse Feed

High calorie, textured feed for extreme athletes

ProForce Senior Horse Feed

High fat, beet pulp based complete feed for the needs of active senior horses

One Feed for Every Life Stage

ProForce Fiber Horse Feed

High fat, low starch, textured beet pulp based feed for equine athletes and horses with metabolic concerns

nutrena proforce fiberOne Feed for Every Life Stage

Safe Choice

Help take the worry out of feeding, with nutrition you can rely on. SafeChoice products are controlled starch diets with added fat to help improve performance and reduce metabolic concerns.

SafeChoice Original Horse Feed

A proven controlled starch formula for all life stages

SafeChoice Senior Horse Feed

A high-fat, controlled starch, complete feed to meet the unique needs of senior horses. 

Senior Horses
Metabolic concerns
Minis & Ponies

SafeChoice Special Care Horse Feed

Low, controlled starch formula for horses with metabolic concerns and easy keepers

SafeChoice Perform Horse Feed

High fat, controlled starch formula for performance horses and hard-keepers

SafeChoice Mare & Foal Horse Feed

A controlled starch feed for pregnant or lactating mares and growing horses through the second year


SafeChoice Maintenance Horse Feed

Controlled starch formula for maintenance horses with moderate energy needs

Maintenance Horses
Easy Keeper



Empower supplements are scientifically formulated to serve the unique needs of your horse, and are made with the highest quality ingredients available.

Empower Balance Grass Formula Supplement

Concentrated controlled starch ration balancer supplement to balance hay or grass diets

Empower Boost Horse Supplement

High fat rice bran extruded nugget for working horses and hard keepers